Is it time to rethink the Monarchy?

I’ve never wanted to be a princess. I hate dressing up and am an introvert so constantly being on display would give me hives.

I know this is a dream of a lot of little girls- marrying a Prince and living happily ever after. We are fed this fairy tale our whole lives. We never learned our lesson after Diana and now Meghan. I know it’s weird that an author of romance novels doesn’t believe in happily ever after but relationships take work. Life happens. People change. We grow or we wither and die separately or together. Love is a choice that we make each and every day and some days are more difficult than others.

So that brings us to the big Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan. Allegations of racism. The spectre of Diana hanging over the couple. “The Firm.”

I love history- especially English history. I can probably recite the names of all the monarchs more easily than I can the names of all Canadian Prime Ministers. That said, doesn’t feel so irrelevant? So anachronistic? Why does Canada need a monarch? Can’t we refashion our government to be more reflective? (The recent scandal with the Governor-General underscores this point.)

Once the Queens leaves- one way or another- can we ditch the whole kit and caboodle?

Also, I find it interesting that the not-so-shocking revelation about Archie’s skin tone comes in the wake of the reimagining of Bridgerton with a black Queen Charlotte and regency heroes and heroines of all races. The contrast couldn’t be more stark.

Can’t wait to hear Shonda Rhimes weigh in on all of this.

One thought on “Is it time to rethink the Monarchy?

  1. larrylootsteen says:

    It is far too ingrained into the structures, even in Canada, to go away easily. I think this may finally invoke some change into that structure. The whole ‘purity of the bloodline’ thing is still a core belief for many within.

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