We need to talk about Bridgerton

So, Shondha Rimes’ version of Bridgerton finally aired on Netflix. First, as the author of a series or romance novels , I’d like to thank her and her team for giving the genre the respect it deserves. They spared no expense on costumes and locations and the casting was really good.

I don’t have a problem with the diverse cast. It was cool and an interesting twist and considering I’ve had people suggest my heroine be black (attracts wider audience) or my hero be Italian (government funding) I understand and if I had someone with Honda’s vision and clout, I would have pulled a Julia Quinn and say “Fuck, yeah”.

But I didn’t so…I didn’t.

As for Bridgerton, Simon, our hero smoulders and didn’t look like a twat in Regency costumes. The heroine- while not what I envisioned as I read the series 3 times!-did a good job.
My fave character in the series so far is Eloise and she was my least favourite in the books.

I look forward to Antony and Kate. And the Mallet of Death!

Also, the Easter Eggs, like the bee, were a nice touch.


And may other producers see the wisdom of adapting romance novels.

(They can reach me via my website…
A movie star filming on St.Barts encounters a young woman with an intriguing

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