Ebooks v. Print Books

I wonder about ebooks. I love them, don’t get me wrong. I travel a lot and I read a lot so it’s very convenient, especially considering I read so much romance and erotica. (I am constantly trying to figure out what will work and what won’t.) My account is under my husband’s name and he’s always embarrased by the titles that show up!

But I do miss physical books, I miss the heft of them. It made them more present. I like owning stuff, even as I hate having to dust stuff. Still, I can understand the allure of physical books. The BBC wrote a bit about the difference in sales and suggested that digital was not overtaking ‘real’ books. I want to know if they base that on number of sales or on the dollar amount. Let’s face it, buying ebooks is way cheaper. It’s much better for the consumer but not necessarily for the publishing house and certainly not for the printer and the retailer.

There are certain books and authors and subjects I will always want to grace my bookshelves. I love Jilly Cooper. I love Maeve Binche and Colleen McCullough. I have hard copies of everything that Jean Auel and Dominick Dunne ever wrote. Plus the classics like Gone With the Wind and Tom Wolfe and Kathleen Koen.

Does that mean I value my ebook authors like Julia Quinn or Lisa Kleypass or Diana Galbadon less? Not a bit. It’s a matter of timing. I found them after the ebook revolution and can haul their work everywhere and reread them time and time again without worrying about exceeding the maximum weight on a flight.

I remember a trip to Bequia where they not only weighted the luggage but weighed the passengers. I was worried a big lunch would have made me choose between shoes and books. Books would have won. Books win every time.

Anyway, here’s the BBC link for your consideration.


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