What makes a bestseller? Just ask me. My book made the top 100 in the UK!

What are the bestelling ebooks on Amazon UK so far this year?


I can never figure out what people want to buy. If I did, I’d be rich. I thought Grey was a derivative cash grab. Couldn’t EL James find something new to say about her anti-hero? Maybe details about his introduction to BDSM from Elena? Instead, it was a rehash of book one and now, since it made so much money, she will do the same with the next two. I don’t get it, just like I don’t get all the people forking over for the new journal for your inner goddesses. I thought she was a lazy writer before and these recent efforts have just reinforced that for me but hey, I am obviously in the minority.

I also don’t get why adult colouring books are such big business. A friend was given one for a gift and was thrilled. WTF? You need to calm your mind, go for a walk, pet a dog, do meditation. I would go crazy trying not to colour outside the lines.

Another big seller is Gone Girl. They made this into a movie with Ben Affleck and it resonates now with all the stories about him cheating on Amazing Jen with the nanny. Don’t know if any of this is true but boy, it sure sells, doesn’t it?  My problem with this book is twofold. First, there was not a single character to root for. I didn’t like anybody. Second, I felt that this was an incredible rehash of Scott Turrow’s Presumed Innocent. I loved that book and am very protective of it, hence the outrage.

And then there is Girl On the Train which is number one. It’s not a bad book except…I-knew-where-it-was-going-and-I-hate-knowing-in-advance-where-a-book-is-going-and-sometimes-I-think-it’s-because-I-am-a-writer-and-am-always-peeking-around-the-corners-of-plot-trying-to-figure-out-what-comes-next-and-in-this-case-I-did-and-it-upset-me.

This is all probably sour grapes. Although–my first novel made the Top 100 in the UK this summer. Drink a toast to Love on St. Barts.

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