Amy Schumer Rocks.

It’s an Amy Schumer world, we just live in it.

Consider the evidence. She won the Emmy for Best Variety Sketch Series yet said the highlight of her night was meeting Sasksatchewan’s own Tatiana Maslany.

She became the first comedian to play Madison Square Garden. Opening for Madonna!

Her big screen debut Trainwreck was a hit.

She’s besties with Jennifer Lawrence and they’re writing a screenplay together.

Her HBO special is due out October 17th.

And now she has a 9 million dollar book deal with Simon and Schuster to write a series of essays about feminism, her life and oh, probably sex.

It would be easy to hate Amy. Everything is going her way. It would be easy to give into schadenfreude. That’s what we do–we build ’em up and we tear ’em down.

Listen, I’m as guilty of this as the next person. I get furious when my heroes turn out to be less than heroic. I have stopped watching all Woody Allen movies. I won’t read anything about Bill Cosby. I take this shit personally when they turn out to be not just human but ….sad, sick, whatever.

But I will not be standing in line waiting for Amy to fail. I want her to succeed even though my guts are clutching in envy. I want her to do well, to excel, to be the biggest and brightest. Because she’s smart. Because she’s done it on her own terms. Because, as she said at one awards ceremony, she’s not stick thin but “she can catch a d**k anytime she wants.”

And mostly, because of the brilliance of some of her sketches. From the parody of  “Twelve Angry Men” in which a jury discussed whether or not they’d “do” Amy to “The Last F***able Day” which skewered Hollywood about agism, she’s been a wonderful combination of vulnerable and vulgar.

You go girl!

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