Forget Supergirl. The Real Female Super Hero is Carol on TWD!

Supergirl premiered last night on CBS.  The title is a problem, which the series addressed ad nauseum. Four times they explained that this was a celebration of feminine power despite the diminutive title.

Why then, does it feel so much less than that? More Boy Wonder than Batman?

Ever since Bridesmaids exploded at the box office, Hollywood has sat up and stroked its jaw and said, “Hmmm, there are these consumers called women who spend money. Maybe we should target them?”  And then they assigned their best guys to the task.

Now we have female Ghostbusters and Bad Moms and Supergirl. Just painting a formerly male cast in pink isn’t enough. You need female writers and directors. A female point of view. Not that men can’t write for women just as women can write for men but would it be too much to ask to populate female skewed projects with females?

I, for one, would love to see a female MacGyver where a woman solves problems with the power of her mind. She wouldn’t have to wear a cape or clingy clothes. Just think and re-engineer stuff.

There are female heroes in pop culture. On Mr. Robot, there are a couple of female hackers. On The Walking Dead, both Michonne and Carol are arguably tougher than Rick. Carol’s story arc is one of the best–she’s gone from abused wife to bad ass/Stepford Wife. She plays the entire spectrum of feminine power. She is a real superhero.

And that’s who I want to see knock on my door this Halloween–a little girl dressed like Beaver Cleaver’s mom and armed with a casserole dish and an UZI.

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