T-Swift v. Paglia. Can We Call It a Cat Fight?

While I was enjoying a week-long fake life on St. Barts and defiantly dipping into the bread basket whenever I spotted a cellulite-free female, there was a big kerfuffle about Camille Paglia and Taylor Swift. Check out the article in The Hollywood Reporter if you missed it. And here’s Taylor’s response.

I kind of understand where Paglia is coming from. Feminists who marched and protested and got Roe v. Wade passed may not have the patience to see their work trivialized by #girlsquads. But even Cyndy Lauper said Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and I don’t think she’s trivial. She’s just mature now. There is a whiff of “Get Off My Lawn” to Paglia’s rant.

But also a touch of truth in that women need to mentor women and be SEEN to be mentoring women not just let the impression stick that they are getting together to have pillow fights and talk about boys as they take off their stockings veeerrrrryyy sssslllloooowwwly. (Remember Animal House? The image lives on.)

I’m a feminist and I struggle with criticizing other people’s brands of feminism. I will throw down against women who won’t use the ‘f’ word but if you say you’re a feminist and aren’t blatantly setting back the cause or trumpeting misogyny who am I to point fingers? Hell, I like to cook and garden, does that call my credentials into question?

I may not feel a Clinton 2.0 presidency will do much to advance women’s rights because of her apologist past for her husband’s disrespect and her attacks against Lewinsky et.al. but others disagree.

I may feel a qualm or four when women adopt social media role models who made their way to fame via beds or homemade porn videos.

I may question the empowering aspects of reality stars.

I may ponder whether tempering my (public) criticism makes me a stereotypical wallflower female or a pushover or a traitor.

I may put judicious kindness and thoughtful discourse ahead of in-your-face get-with-the-program aggression. That may be more female than male, I don’t know. It could also be because I’m a Libra and can argue fifty sides of every argument.

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