Does Star Wars Deliver on Gender Equality?

(FYI- I haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet because I’ve been travelling and am crowd-averse. I will soon, I promise. If you can’t get a ticket, check out The Big Short. Brilliant!)

It’s funny how people are making a fuss about Daisy Ridley in Star Wars. Not about her performance but about her character. They seem surprised about the inclusion of a strong female heroine. I always thought Leia was pretty badass for a Princess. (Gold bikini not withstanding.) And now she’s a general so….no glass ceiling?

Katniss was one tough b**** in The Hunger Games, even with the romantic triangle storyline. Tris was tough in Divergent. (I didn’t like the second or third books, but still.)

There’s never been a dearth of strong female characters on tv. For some reason, execs seem to think we fit better on the small screen plus tv doesn’t pander to teenaged boys.

And apparently kick ass women are taking over video games, following in the footsteps of Lara Croft. (I have my doubts but maybe the female characters are, in the words of Jessica Rabbit, “not bad but just drawn that way.“)

But before we declare a victory in the fictional gender wars consider the whole pay inequality thing addressed nicely in that op-ed piece by Jennifer Lawrence; consider all the terrific actresses reduced to arm candy or playing the mother’s of male actors who are actually older in real life. Consider the lack of female executives and directors and power players with access to enough cash to realize their visions. All of this has been documented time and time again. never more brilliantly than Amy Schumer’s Last F***able Day skit.

And consider marketing. Even Star Wars had a gender glitch this time.

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