Oscars Go Off Script!

Had to laugh when I read about the mess up regarding the Oscar for Best Picture. (Didn’t watch live because of jet lag after flying home from Australia.)

You know what happened…Somebody sent Warren and Faye up with the envelope for Best Actress and as Warren was trying to figure out what was going on, Faye blurted out that La La Land had won.
The crew comes up on stage, starts the speeches and oopsie….turns out it Moonlight was the big winner.

Reminds me of this!

Sure Trump will be tweeting about the mix up and maybe compare it to the fact he okayed the fatal mission in Yemen over dinner with pals and family members.  Oh and before you get diverted by his stupid tweets about the Oscars, take the time to read the Miami Herald story about Trump lying (again) about meeting with the family of the Navy Seal killed in the ill-planned raid.

And one last thing…If you care about what’s going on in the world, put your money where your mouth is and pay for good journalism. Subscribe to newspapers who put inn the work and the time to call out bozos in government and business who lie and cheat.  The lack of decent media coverage is why the world is in this mess. And yes, it was the media’s fault for giving these lying liars the platform in the first place and for reporting on every tweet and fart and thumbs up and hey–shiny! rather than focussing on stories that matter.

We can bitch but in the end, a rigorous media is the only way to educate voters, begin meaningful debate, and stop trying to cram complicated issues into 140 characters.

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