Megyn Kelly’s Sad Interview

If Megyn Kelly’s aim was to make a splash, she succeeded.

People have been talking about her new show- first Putin, then Alex Jones, the man who could sweat in a shower. Seriously, he came out of the womb looking like a mug shot, so it was no surprise that he looked Nixonian during the interview.

I don’t understand the point of interviewing him. He has nothing intelligent to add to any conversation, it’s like talking to my great aunt who is a little dotty and can’t follow the conversation unless you ask her if she needs to poo- then you get a straight answer.

Anybody who follows Alex Jones already follows Alex Jones and believes his nonsense,  Anyone who doesn’t, doesn’t.

This notion that somehow Kelly and NBC were being brave by shining a light on the conspiracy cockroaches is nonsense. These are not the days of Murrow and three TV networks. You want a conspiracy theory? Take your pick and follow it down the rabbit hole. You don’t need a network TV show and big fancy anchor to school ya.

It just felt…old…sad…and kind of like gloating at the guy in the gutter. Yes, maybe Alex Jones is dangerous because people believe his nonsense. But rather than waste our time letting him spout it on a new platform, why not invest NBC’s time and considerable resources in a story about how all those new GOP rules about no more qualifying for Medicaid unless you’re working in areas where there is no work which is why you need Medicaid?


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