The Trumps Tarnish Iconic Canadian Company

I went to The Bay Yesterday. For non-Canadians, that’s the Hudson’s Bay Co, founded in 1670 by Royal Charter. It was a fur trading company that morphed into a department store chain.

Despite the challenges that face modern bricks and mortar retail, it’s hanging in there and if you want the perfect symbol of Canada, pick up one of their blankets.

Enough history. Imagine my surprise that The Bay, this Canadian icon, in 2017, the 150th anniversary of Canada, has an entire section of Ivanka Trump clothing for sale. Hey, the deal has probably been in the pipeline for months, if not years.

Don’t care. Take the loss.

This year, Canada is proudly proclaiming that diversity is our greatest strength. Ivanka’s dad is proudly proclaiming that there were nice people marching with Nazis. Ivanka’s husband is Jewish. She converted and their kids are Jewish. Didn’t matter to her dad, or to Ivanka or Jared who are STILL WORKING FOR HIM!

I get that you can’t pick your family but you can quit a job where the boss is a racist, even if he is family because otherwise you’re complicit and whispering to the world that you don’t disagree with his assessment that there are nice Nazis. Even someone who’s notion of history came from Hogan’s Heroes wouldn’t fall for that.

The Bay has to ditch Ivanka’s brand because its tarnishing theirs.

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