Clinton Karma

So,  if I lived in America, I never would have voted for Hillary Clinton. Yes, she was incredibly more competent than Donald Trump but I would never forgive her for how she slut shamed the women who accused her husband.

Everybody has a flashpoint, something that they say “No, not this.” For me, it’s sexual harassment. For others, it’s abortion or gun rights or whatever. To me, Hillary was an enabler to her husband’s predatory nature. Even if you didn’t believe the rape allegations, you have to admit that as President of the United States, he was thinking with his d*** and taking advantage of the power differential regarding Monica. I don’t care if she was was willing participant. She was an intern. He had all the power and hey, shouldn’t he had been busy doing other stuff like maybe running the country?

So. here we are today and people are re-examining men’s actions. Is Trump as bad as Moore or Weinstein or Ratner or Louis CK or Al Franken? Everything is contextual. I doubt given the current state of affairs that JFK would have been elected. Is that a bad thing? I’ve leave it to the alternate historians.

The one thing that strikes me is that if Hillary had been elected, we might not be having this conversation about women and empowerment and sex.

So, for the first time ever and with my mouth full of bile, thank god Donald Trump won.

Have to take a stiff drink now.

One thought on “Clinton Karma

  1. MarkMarkMark says:

    With respect,
    It pretty clearly hasn’t occured to you that Hillary, as someone with a front row seat to sexual misconduct, might have used the vote you wouldn’t have given to her to raise awareness. Stop the trend. Address past wrongs. She might be a better bet to advance forward thinking than the present imbecile in chief. Bill Clinton was, on record, an opportunist. He does not deserve a pass. Liar. Bad husband. Philanderer. Yes, yes, yes. His actions through the two decade looking glass with Monica were terrible, but also 100% consensual. And, that’s key.
    Consensual between one naive young adult and one powerful adult who should have been more wise. Yes. Consenual between two adults none-the-less. (Think Bill Myman and Mandy. It’s just the former isn’t the leader of the free world. Just the dispensable bass player.)
    You’re faulting a woman for defending her husband, in Hillary. You can’t possibly know the private details between any two spouses whatever their stature.
    I’m a fan of your opinions, EC. But, this column seems a bit short-sighted. What Senator Franken did was wrong. Yes. What he did was peurile and immature and not unlike what many career comedians would do to achieve some desperate approval. Most career comedians don’t become Senators with tremendous track records. It wasn’t mean spirited or evil. It was wrong, yes. But it was borne from a SNL sketch from the seventies. No contact. No cover-up. He apologized for being a needy comedy knucklehead and she accepted his apology. He offered to have his feet publicly held to the fire and be compared to the ones in present media reporting to have done way worse. But, there is scarce comparison.
    I do hope you will respond to this EC. I’m a father to a five-year-old girl who has already been objectified by a boy who is six. She was soooo confused when he told her: “If you want to ride in my go-cart, you have to take your top off first.”
    She asked me: “why would that boy ask me to take my top off, Daddy? I told him it was freezing out and he said he didn’t care. Just do it “


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