#MeToo. Mansplaining. Matt Damon.

There’s a petition to remove Matt Damon’s cameo from the all-female version of Oceans 11.  (Only this time, it’s Oceans 8 cause you don’t need as many women to do the job of guys!) Matt is on the hot seat for mansplaining the #MeToo movement. He’s worried we are treating Harvey Weinstein and Louis CK as morally equivalent.

He’s not wrong. Sure, we will have to have a conversation about the new “unblurred” lines  (Although I submit they weren’t ever blurred in most women’s minds. Most women do not want to be exposed to a guy’s junk in a work setting or worry about hidden buttons under desks or listen to crude remarks when they are trying to make a point in a meeting.) But fine, let’s spell stuff out. Like in Sweden, where you may have to get a definitive “yes” before proceeding with sex.

The problem with Matt’s position is one of perspective. It’s not up to him to tell women who have been disbelieved and ignored and treated like POS for decades when they complained about gropers and leerers and predators that hey, you’ve had your two months, now suck it up. This feels like a male response to me. When I’ve had a very bad day, my husband wants to solve my problem. He is logical and methodical and…I hate it.  I want to vent. I want to cry. I want my f***ing feelings validated!

That is an important part of the #MeToo movement. Validation. Neither Matt nor anyone else can or should take that away from us.

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