Binge Viewing, Listening, Reading, Everything!

All of a sudden we are a global community of bingers. Part of it is streaming. I remember when House of Cards came out on Netflix, the giddy sense of being able to order an entire season of a tv show. No more waiting weeks or months. That was especially nice since so many cable series split into two and you’d often wait more than a year to find out what happened to your favourite characters.

Now with Apple and Netflix and Amazon you just download and go. I watched all of UNReal in a week. Catastrophe in a couple of days. I also have The Walking Dead and Outlander waiting, purchased on my Cloud account to bring me up to speed without waiting for whenever the damn channels decide to run a marathon. I love revisiting my favourite shows. They become dogeared like the best books.

Ah, books. I still have a lot of physical books, the ones I could never throw away. When I get hooked by a series or an author I buy everything. That’s fine if they are quick writers but sometimes you end up waiting years. Diana Galbadon and George RR Martin are the worst offenders. I can’t blame them. Their books are doorstops and take forever to research, write and edit but as a fan I want them to hurry up, get it out, get it out now.

Ebooks are easy to binge on. They don’t cost as much as their physical counterparts. A number of my favourite authors have their formulas down pat so they can churn them out quickly. That’s great for binge readers not always so good for discriminating ones because like wine, some books are better if left to marinate for a while.

My fifth book  Ghosts of St. Barts is available for pre-order now with the sixth soon to follow. The entire St. Barts series was written over the past six years so it’s not like these were rushed. But my publisher is very efficient and my readers are demanding and so now you can binge read what happens to Sunny and Sven.

Here are the links for readers in the UK and the US:

No more writing here, so I can get back and finish up the last book in the series!

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