Selfies Kill.

If you spend a lot of time documenting/validating your life using selfies, you could be taking your life in your hands. There’s a new study which documents the dangers. Apparently, more people have died this year as a result of selfies than have died in shark attacks. Cue the french horn. People taking selfies often aren’t very aware of their surroundings and fall off cliffs and stuff.

That’s not the only danger. There is a story warning that selfies is leading to an epidemic of head lice among teenagers. All those close ups. It used to be you passed lice to your classmates by sharing combs or hats. Now it’s by sharing photos. Tilt your head to get into the frame! Or don’t.

The other worry about selfies is that it’s been linked to mental illness. Yes, it can be a sign of narcisissm which explains its popularity among celebrities. But its early days for researchers and it depends on the kind and number of selfies you post.

I don’t do selfies. I rarely appear in photos, often preferring to take the picture not star in it. It may be partly because I am not particularly entranced with my looks. It may be because I’m an introvert and vastly worried about oversharing on social media. It may be because I value my privacy. I also prefer to enjoy my life without the filter of a lens. So if I have problems-and I do- this isn’t one of them. Still, I do worry about sharks.



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