The Affair Goes Full Frontal.

There is a lot of buzz about season 2 of The Affair. People like that they are getting Helen’s point of view–especially since it included a male full frontal nude shot in the first episode.

This is a big deal. Few guys flash on tv. Earlier this year, Tobias Menzies went full frontal on Outlander after raping the hero.

It’s interesting to hear the conversation about male nudity in the media.  Some say it’s a matter of equality. They point to Game of Thrones as an example of a sexist show–lots of nude women, no nude men. (Or at least major characters)

Others giggle like schoolgirls and talk about “peen.” There are those who tut tut, saying it’s demeaning to objectify women and men.

The conversation I listened to about full frontal on The Affair looked for hidden meaning–the character was being vulnerable. Helen was uncomfortable with the intimacy. I haven’t seen the episode in question. I kind of bailed on The Affair halfway through the first season because I didn’t care who killed whomever. I thought I’d give season 2 a shot because apparently the murder mystery has been pushed to the sideline, so the show in question is sitting on my dvr.  I haven’t watched it yet so I don’t know if I’ll giggle or tut tut or look for hidden meanings.

As part of my research for this blog, I found this.  Tut tut, giggle or just enjoy,

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