The GOP debate. Who’s The Biggest D***?

Just when you thought the American election process couldn’t get any worse, there was the GOP debate last night.

Kudos to Fox for running a real-time scroll correcting Donald Trump’s fast and loose approach to the truth. (This link calls it an ambush; I call it journalism.)

But that was the only saving grace. You had grown men making comments about the size of The Donald’s not-so-little- Donald.

It all started with Marco Rubio’s comments on Trump’s smallish hands. Trump is very sensitive about the subject since he was once referred to as a “short-fingered vulgarian.”  But Trump decided to go one better (worse) and picked up on Rubio’s suggestion that smallish hands=smallish penis and proclaimed it’s not a problem in his case.

Yup, this is what politics has devolved into—a discussion of d*** size. There’s a refugee crisis, economies are tanking, people are worried about Zika, Britain could leave the EU, job security is a joke, the US deficit is now $616 billion, North Korea is talking about nuclear weapons and this is what the candidates for the most powerful position on the planet are talking about.

Why not have ’em all just whip theirs out, do some measurements and the biggest man wins?

That’s until they have to confront Hillary.

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