Beyonce, Queen of Manipulation.

I was not one of the multitudes who spent the weekend trolling Rachel Ray or feverishly texting friends, speculating as to who Jay-Z’s “Becky with the good hair” may be.  I don’t care.

I’m not a huge fan of either Beyonce or her husband. Talented, sure. Just not my thing. BUT, I am a huge fan of how she changes the narrative. Boy is she/they smart.

I don’t for a minute believe Jay-Z cheated on her. I think she offers tantalizing fake glimpses into her “real” life, teasing us by pulling back the edge of the curtain and then, poof…it’s gone.

But I don’t think any of it is real. I think it’s all stage managed, each gesture, each moment, each album, each kiss.  I would expect nothing less from a woman who grew up in front of the microphones and cameras.  But I have to wonder what T-Swift is thinking today? Beyonce’s maybe rival must be gritting her teeth wondering how being popular and public became second rate.

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