Did Johnny Depp Hit His Wife? And Would Anyone Care?

Johnny Depp always struck me as the kind of guy who would relocate an ant rather than step on one so it’s surprising to read about his wife’s allegations of domestic abuse.

Amber Heard has photos and a video (she says)  and witnesses but the cops she called on the night in question didn’t see any signs that she’d been struck.

Now Johnny’s ex wife and Vanessa Paradise have publicly spoken out about his character saying he’d never be violent. I haven’t seen anything from Kate Moss. Their relationship was volatile,  Look, I don’t know what happened or whose lying or whatever but I do know some relationships are toxic and some people bring out the worst in others. I also know if you add alcohol and drugs and stir, you have trouble.

It will be interesting to see is if this hurts Johnny’s reputation. Bryan Singer seems to be doing fine despite some pretty nasty allegations. Roman Polanski can’t come home but he’s still working.  Woody Allen has no trouble attracting A-list talent to his movies.

Johnny’s latest movie tanked and some are saying it’s just the continuation of a downward spiral of bad choices by him. Others are hinting that this latest scandal kept families away. 

I like his early quirky stuff but Johnny hasn’t been on my radar for years so this won’t make much of a difference to me. But I admit to stop supporting artists who have been tainted in this way. Maybe it’s silly because who knows how many others have been doing what and haven’t been caught but I value my time and my money and would rather spend both supporting people whose private lives don’t make me cringe.

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