Goodbye Good Wives.

I do not understand smart, attractive women who stand by sleaze ball men. I just don’t.

I try. I try to understand that no one understands what goes on behind closed doors and there must be…there has to be…some kind of connection that is not apparent.

I try to understand that there’s a solid commitment to family, to a shared past. I try…but I fail.

I am not perfect. I can barely spell the word. But I know that if my man treated me disrespectfully, if he cheated, if it became public knowledge, I would be gone.

Adios, no looking back.

Maybe it’s pride talking. Maybe it’s being inculcated with feminist values. Maybe it’s anger.

I just don’t understand Good Wives. Walk away Mrs. Weiner. Walk away Hillary. Walk away, your heads held high. Find someone worthy.

Is that it? Do they somehow believe that all men are serial cheaters/liars? I don’t. My dad wasn’t. My brother isn’t. Neither is my husband. Or my friends’ husbands.

I know that there are good men out there, wonderful men. Men worthy of love and respect. Men with whom you can build a foundation that can last a lifetime.

Why settle for less?

One thought on “Goodbye Good Wives.

  1. savingshards says:

    It’s a good thing to ponder. I remember when Bill and Monica came out…and my shock at Hillary staying. And years later, Huma Abedin choosing to remain with ex-Congressman Weiner. And so many others. And then it became my story –
    I am a smart woman, an accomplished woman. I have a college degree, was a banking executive. I raised four beautiful babies, started and run a consulting firm and worked as a policy advisor to the Senate president in my state. I founded a successful non profit, and have national recognition for that work. And my husband was a cheater…and I had no idea.
    And I stayed.
    Why? Read my story. Start here:


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