So, thee minute I saw the headline on I told my colleague in the next cubicle.  Brangelina are getting divorced! I hissed.

Her response: I wonder if Jennifer Aniston knows. Too bad she’s married to that guy.

This from someone who might have been 12 when Brad and Jen called it quits.

What is it with us that we can’t let this go? I know that I changed drastically between my 30s and 40s. And thank god. I hope that Jenifer is happy with Justin.

I assumed Brad and Angie were happy with their hoard of kids. But you never know what happens behind closed doors in the marriage, so I guess not. Maybe they just grew apart, divergent interests.

But to suggest that Jennifer Aniston should somehow swoop in now and claim her “previously enjoyed” prize is demeaning to her and all women.  We don’t wait around to be rescued from our own lives—we live them with or without Prince Not-so-Charming.

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