Ivanka Trump: First Daughter, First Apologist

I used to admire Ivanka Trump. I used to think when I saw her on The Apprentice that she won the genetic jackpot in that family. Her brothers looked like car salesmen who spent their off hours slaughtering deer. Her father was PT Barnam who pretended to know business.  But she seemed like a cool, well dressed, thoughtful young woman.


I no longer admire Ivanka Trump. Yes, I know you can’t choose your family but just as I’ve told off relatives who have said racist or sexist things within earshot. There is no reason to publicly support the shitshow that is her father’s presidency.  Now she’s moving into the White House. To do what? Nobody knows except it means she has access to classified information. Without being vetted. (Of course given how well the Trump team vetted Mike Flynn…)  There’s also the little question of conflict of interest, which is a Trump’s middle name.

I don’t recall Ivanka’s name being on the ballot. But I do recall how the Republicans went nutso when Hillary Clinton, then First Lady, presumed to do anything but bake cookies. She wasn’t elected, they whinged. Neither was Trump’s daughter.  But here’s another question–is he feeling so embattled that he needs to have her and Jared right by his side?

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