Sean Spicer is sooo stupid. But Wolf Blitzer is worse.

I used to feel so sorry for Sean Spicer. I couldn’t imagine a worse job than his except maybe being the official apologist for Saddam Hussein.

His latest gaffe was to state that Bashir Al Assad was worse than Hitler because he used chemical weapons against his own people.

Okay. I don’t understand how you “forget” about the Holocaust or the showers or the 6 million or 7 million or 11 million killed. The timing couldn’t be worse because…hello! Passover.

But even worse than Sean Spicer is Wolf Blitzer who wasted 20 minutes of Leon Panetta’s time talking about the latest lie before he got to oh, Syria and North Korea.

This is typical of mainstream media and why Trump is still winning. They are so easily distracted by the shiny. Toss 59 Tomahawks at Syria and call it a policy. It’s not and that’s why Obama did not. He wasn’t a stupid person who thought you could put foreign policy in 140 characters. He knew the world was complicated and whenever the generals advocated launching missiles his question was ” And then what?”

There is no ” And then what?” for Trump. He doesn’t understand consequences. All he can see is the press (Yes, all you idiots including Brian Williams who should turn in his press card) love him. Trump is getting great press from bombing Syria. (Even though he won’t let refugees into the country and has no follow up and no idea what to do next).

With that kind of validation, he could conceivably move onto North Korea. No China buy in? No problem. The guy with a worst haircut than me is toast. Forget about South Korea or Japan or China or Russia or anything within meltdown of the limited arsenal they have built up. With Trump it’s all about instant validation and shame, SHAME, on media for giving it to him.

Focus on the story. Follow the money. Do your fu***ing jobs. Russia tried to steal a US election. Anytime Trump tries to divert you, ignore it and pivot.

And stop referring to the douche with the tiny fingers and smaller D*** as being “presidential.”

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