Big Little Lies Blows. Bigtime.

I loved the book. Loved it. Thought it was funny and insightful and kept me guessing (almost) until the end.

But the HBO series is a different beast. I love Laura Dern who brings real depth to the Renata character but really Reese Witherspoon? Watch her hands. She never knows what to do with her hands! She’s hasn’t grown an iota as an actress since Election.

And people are talking about Nicole Kidman like she’s the second coming. I’m sorry. Maybe her facial expressions are too subtle for me to pick up on HD 60 inch tv. I don’t see it. I really don’t. I don’t believe her character for an instant.

I also have trouble with Shailene Woodley as Jane. The most powerful parts of the book was what the rapist whispered “You’re fat. You’re ugly.” She believed the litany and it shaped her life. That was missing from the tv series and I find it interesting that the male screenwriter didn’t see the power of that.

The good things?

Alexander Skarsgard as the abusive husband. Knocked it out of the park.

Zoe Kravitz as Bonnie, not what I imagined when reading the book but turned out to be soooo much better.

The other men are forgettable. Ed is awful. Madeleine’s first husband (can’t remember his name) forgettable.

My husband’s favourite character is Maddy’s daughter Chloe and I can’t disagree.

I am sorry because I was really, really, really looking forward to the adaptation and was interested in the casting but I just….can’t.

Can you?

The finale is tomorrow night and I am trying desperately to care and yes, I will watch because I’ve invested all this time but I am disappointed beyond words at how they have taken such a good book and turned it into real estate porn and dreck.

2 thoughts on “Big Little Lies Blows. Bigtime.

  1. MarkMarkMark says:

    I’m with Alan. The only character I have any affection or affinity for is the little kid that presides over the family iTunes account. I’m sad for Jane’s son, too. Wouldn’t surprise me if HBO is already firming up plans for a spin-off where a teenaged Ziggy copes and learns to live with his horrific lineage. We will also be inwasting (new antonym for investing) an hour of DVR space for the finale. Soon there will be new episodes of Episodes and our favourite shyster Saul. And, there will be much rejoicing.


    1. Emme Cross says:

      Is Episodes coming back? I hope so. Also, looking forward to American Gods on Starz. Saul, tried but failed.
      But hey, GoT is neigh! “I drink and I think things”. Best line ever.


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