The American Voter. Dumb and Dumber.

We are coming up on 100 days of Trump. Like dog years, we’ve aged much more quickly than indicated on the typical calendar.

And things will not get better. Trump has seen that for every domestic policy misstep, he gets applause (aka like blood for a vampire) when he bombs a foreign country. Iraq, Syria, whatever. I predict his sabre rattling with only get louder because he sure as s*** ain’t accomplishing anything at home.

Trumpcare? No way, not with the Tea Party standing in the way and the midterms on centrist minds.

Tax reform? Even slimmer considering what all his cuts to help business and his buddies would do to the deficit.

Sanctuary cities have been blocked in the courts thanks to Trump’s own damning words.

But despite all that, despite his total ignorance, despite indications he may be suffering from dementia as well as narcissism, polls show Trump’sbase would vote for him again.

Even worse, Democrats would stay home. So if another presidential election were held today, Trump might win the popular vote AND the electoral college vote.

Cross your fingers and pray that the midterms put some wind in the sails of the sane.

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