Making America Mean Again.

There is something in the air in our southern neighbour. A petty toxicity. A mean girl virus. It’s infecting politics, so-called civil discourse, journalism and who knows what else.

How else can you explain the fact that a GOP candidate got elected by a 50% margin to the Congress after body slamming a reporter? The resulting apology was tepid and came as part of his victory speech.

Yes, I blame Donald Trump for much of this with his “pussy-grabbing” and his “lock her ups” and his grade 2 reading level and distrust of facts.

But it pre-dates Trump. I honestly believe that this dates back to Clinton- Bill, not Hillary. The idea that a “president” can get away with stuff. That he can take advantage of people. Yes, I know Monica was of age but let’s face it, if Bill had been a CEO he would have been fired for sexual harassment and creating a toxic workplace. Hillary back then (some say still) was no better, Lady Macbething his victims.

Even Richard Nixon, mean spirited and thin skinned as he was, left office rather than be booted out, for the good of the country.

That is the crux of things. Nobody is willing to do anything for the good of the country. It’s all me, me, me. Will I get re-elected? How can I feather my nest? Character has been replaced by celebrity and greed. Even the Trump Princling (nee Jared Kushner), despite his slick suits and soft demeanour, is mean and petty and doesn’t think the rules apply.

I used to admire so many things about America. Now, not so much. In many ways, it reminds me of the hubris and arrogance and overreaching that brought down the Roman Empire.

Happy Memorial Day and thanks for the memories.

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