Harvey’s Demise

So Harvey is off to rehab. Via private jet. Everyone who ever knew him, insisted they didn’t really know him, not about the sexual harassment and rape. They knew he was a bully. They heard and saw him shouting at staff, threatening, demeaning, even attacking a reporter but they never knew he was a really bad, you know, pervy kind of guy.

Here’s the thing. I think he’s the kind of guy who covers up his insecurities by mistreating others. I think Harvey gets off on demeaning and bullying and threatening. I think it’s like a fix, when he gets a rush, he needs another rush, push the envelope, see if anyone says anything if I do this. I think that kind of kick extended into sexual harassment and sexual assault and rape. If you read about the pattern of behaviour, the “watch me when I shower”, the masturbating, there’s not ever the pretence this was about any physical pleasure. This was about power. “Look what I made you do.”

While many of Harvey’s famous friends insist they didn’t know about the sexual harassment and assault they knew about the bullying. You gotta wonder if he’d been called out sooner, dragged onto the HR carpet at a public company and slammed about creating a toxic workplace, embarrassed in public by his famous friends about his bullying, if that would have broken the floodgates and the deafening silence and stopped the lies. (They call it plausible deniability, I call it complicity.)

There are so many people to feel sorry for- the victims, his kids, Gretchen Mol who was slagged as one of the women willing to trade fame for self. Not for Harvey. Not for his famous friends who dismissed his behaviour as being alpha, or just being Harvey, as if that’s not damning enough.

Also, please read this piece by Terry Crews who says he was groped by a producer just a year or so ago. This is a big strong guy. Three times the muscle mass of Harvey’s victims. Way more successful than most of them with way more clout. Terry didn’t cause a scene.  Few victims do.

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