President Oprah? Lordy, no.

I usually love the Golden Globes because they are loosey goosey and involve celebrities and alcohol- always a fun mix.  This year’s weren’t as much fun because of the sexual harassment pall.  Last night, it was all about sisterhood and empowerment. Important- sure. But it made for dull tv.

That’s why I gave up after an hour and taped the rest of the show to watch the good bits this morning when I iron.  Imagine my surprise to read headlines about Oprah maybe running for president in 2020. Now, I admire Oprah. She is a self-made success. Hardworking. Talented. Started a book club! But a presidential candidate? Please. Hasn’t America learned its lesson yet? The last thing they need is another president who relies on their gut and their feelings.  Oprah is not what I would consider intellectual. She let Jenny McCarthy spread her “vaccines cause autism” shit. She let Susanne Somers talk about herbs and mistletoe as a way to cure breast cancer. She had that idiot author of The Secret on to evangelize that you attract success or failure to your life, which should be the final blow to the billions of people around the world starving and stuck in violence or stultifying poverty to learn that their real problem is not having a positive attitude.

Could we final concede that politics is a profession, especially at the national level?  It takes experience and temperament to navigate a system that is designed to be collaborative not autocratic. (Sorry, Donald.) It takes patience, intellectual rigour, and a wiley sense of humour to navigate the often opaque ways in which laws are drafted and enforced. That “Not everyone/anyone can or should do it.”

Surely Oprah, the avid reader, should know this to be true in the wake of The Fire and the Fury. And surely, she should shut down this stupid talk about a presidential run and get out of the way and let the pros take over.


2 thoughts on “President Oprah? Lordy, no.

  1. Lesley says:

    Well Emme very happy to hear your insightful reflection. Oprah has honoured the Queen of England with a personal visit, has Steadman escorting her like ‘Phillip” and it is rumoured that Oprah says she is wealthier than Elizabeth too. Wow….is this the power of the ‘Secret’ embodied in one person? Is this a woman who rode a wave of anti-racism in America in a post black panther era? Oprah is rumoured to have been a teacher, but has she ever taught in any school? Oprah has said that the two most powerful people in America are Barack and herself. Well has anyone else heard the term megalomaniac? Oprah lost me when she mismanaged herself on a show with brilliant and talented white and black children, ages 6 to 14 years of age. Wow. racism alive and well in Oprah. Sad.


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