Trump’s Sh***y Comments.

President Trump has had a banner 24 hours. Dissing his own policy on FISA. Saying the US sent planes to Norway that only exist in Call of Duty. Blaming Obama for overspending on the new US embassy in London to explain why Trump won’t attend the ribbon cutting. It wasn’t because of the fear of mass protests—or the fact George W. ordered the new super-secure embassy.

And yeah, the US president, the leader of the “free world” referred to African and Caribbean countries as “shitholes” and wondered why they couldn’t get more immigrants from (white) countries like Norway.

Let’s forget for a second that the president’s own family left Germany back when it was considered a shithole or America and Canada owe their very existence to immigrants in search of a better life. Let’s consider that the White House didn’t even dispute the presidential quote, just issued some crap that Trump speaks for the American people. The guy who issued that statement is the Deputy Communications director by the name of Raj Shah. I looked him up. His parents moved to the US from India in the 1970s. I hope his parents ream Raj a new shithole for enabling and working for such a racist.

Here’s the problem. Not that Trump is a lazy, entitled, willfully ignorant, misogynist, racist. We knew that. The problem are those who enable him. Who lie on his behalf. The Cabinet members and VP Pence who had better really believe in a forgiving god and the staffers and the POS GOP members of Congress who scrape and bow and blow smoke up Trump’s shithole and why? Because he helped get their wealthy donors and themselves a tax cut? If that’s the case, then the US is the real shithole and I agree with Jonathan Alter of The Daily Beast, censure your shitty president, or all of you wear the racist stain.

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