JLaw Embraces the ‘F’ Word

I go back and forth on Jennifer Lawrence. I like so many things about her–that she’s pals with Amy Schumer, that she makes fun of herself and trips in long gowns and photobombs Robert DeNiro. I also don’t like a few things about her–like some of her movie choices. Sure being eye candy in a sci fi franchise pays well, but really. And American Hustle was an fluff of a movie, a showcase for bad fashion, but she really didn’t have much to do in it other than be damaged and not be able to work a microwave.

I guess I want more from someone who is supposed to be the next big thing, a role model, the next Streep or whomever. Not fair, coz she’s a person and you forget how young she is. That could explain being silly enough to take personal photos on your phone and dating someone who never wants to be seen in public with you. Those would not be my choices but I’m in a different universe and of a different generation.

But today I love Jennifer Lawrence again. First, she’s a pretty good writer. Second, she’s come out for equality in Hollywood. Third, she’s trying not to worry about being likeable all the time. Sure, arguing you should make twelve instead of ten million for a movie isn’t solving world hunger but until someone of her stature speaks up, how will young women get the idea that being a feminist is a good thing? You can read what JLaw wrote here.

Ms. Lawrence certainly doesn’t need my approval or praise but today, she has both.

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