Michael Jackson’s music.

If I were a Program Director of a radio station that had “Beat It” and “Billie Jean” in high rotation, I would go on the air this morning and read a statement explaining that no more. You want to listen to Michael Jackson? Go elsewhere.  You own digital copies or watch YouTube or go to a streaming service.

Not on my airwaves.

No polling. No “let’s separate the artist from his art.”

Just…no more. No more trying to pretend because someone didn’t have a childhood they have the right to steal others’.

No more tortured artist bs.

No more “he just loved children.”

He groomed them. He groomed their families. He used his celebrity and his fame and his money to create little sex slaves and we.all.knew.

I have to give Oprah credit for last night’s show…for owning her credulity but it would have had much more of an impact if it had come at the height of her power. (And I still haven’t forgiven her for Jenny McCarthy or that Secret bs)

I feel dirty,  like a voyeur,  having watched Leaving Neverland.

I still don’t like the parents for serving up their kids to a grown man like that but look around. Talk to your friends and co-workers. Even now there are people who insist this is a money grab and all lies and how dare we besmirch…….

We. All. Knew.

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